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    - CompLete: Lightwave Multipass Scene Editing Utility (v0.99d)    [Screenshot]

    I wrote CompLete as a tool for myself after getting the LW8/DFX+ upgrade offer and I thought I'd make it available to anyone who wanted to try it.
    Needs Java installed ( I used 1.4.2).   If  you have issues running it just let me know and I'll try to help you out.

    Notes:  Keep an eye out for updates, I'm fixing bugs for targeting and reloading bone hierarchies (quick fix for the bones, just restart CompLete).
                Only Pixel Filters, Image Filters, and the Spreadsheet will be listed under the plug-in branch.  I'll try to add support for more as time allows.

    Thanks for the great response everyone.

    Extra thanks to Timothy Albee, Mikael Burman and Fredrik Martenson, they really helped get the bugs out.

Lightwave Plugins (Windows and OSX)

    Thanks to the great Richard Brak for compiling the OSX versions.  I can't test the OSX versions, so let me know if you find bugs/errors. Thanks.

    WIN    OSX     Loco: Layout Array Generator with descendants (the OSX version is slightly older)

    Thanks to Gianni and Matt for debugging, and also Matt for the new Loco graphic.

    WIN    OSX    3PointCircle: Creates a circle from any three non-colinear points
    WIN                ModelMeger: Merge many objects to one with single or sequential layers

   The Proton Collection
    WIN    OSX    PShift: Zero SmoothShift
    WIN    OSX    PMirror: Symmetry Correction
    WIN                PMode: Toggles between Point and Polygon selection modes
    WIN    OSX    PClean: Deletes one and two point polys, unifies, merges, and triples non-planar polys
    WIN    OSX    PTailor: Create clothing for characters just by selecting polygons
    WIN    OSX    PLockNHide: Quickly locks and hides lights and cameras

Links - Essential links for anyone wanting to learn to write plug-ins.

  lw-plugin group on yahoo groups - lots of questions already answered
  Richard Brak's homepage
  Catalyst Pictures tutorials
  Marvin Landis' Lightwave Plugins


    - Using BMRT and VC++ .NET

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